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Table of Contents

Installation #

The full installation instructions are included in the zip file. The script is very easy to install. Just upload all the files, create your database and then proceed with the installation script. Once you get it working, you can customize the rest of the website, and also customize the footer and header files.It is also very easy to integrate the pixel images with your website. Just copy and paste the HTML code specially generated by the script into your HTML files. For those familiar with Google AdSense, it works in a similar way!

In addition to the basic installation instructions found in README.txt, we’ve prepared detailed installation instructions:

Tutorials #

We’ve developed some tutorials to help webmasters with our script.

Tutorial 1: Creating a PNG image to be used for the background. (Using Photoshop)

Tutorial 2: Setting ‘Chmod’ Permissions. (For Windows users)

Tutorial 3: WinMerge tutorial (For advanced users who customize the script and want to upgrade.)

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