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MySQL error: Field ‘Aboutme’ doesn’t have a default value

This article is outdated


When registering a new account, the following error appears:

Insert Into users(IP, SignupDate, FirstName, LastName, CompName, Username, Password, Email, Newsletter, Notification1, Notification2, Validated) values('IP was Here, I removed', '2006-06-24 09:37:00', 'Jonny', 'T', '', 'Jonny', 'password', 'em***@em***.com', '', '', '', '1')Field 'Aboutme' doesn't have a default value


It looks like you are running MySQL version 5 with the default configuration. To ensure that the script will work with MySQL 5, you can try any of the following:

1. Find your my.ini file and replace the sql-mode line with:


Please remember to restart MySQL after editing the my.ini file. The my.ini file is MySQL's configuration file and should be located where MySQL was installed.

2. Or, configure your system so that MySQL start with the –sql-mode="MYSQL40" command line parameter.

The script is compatible for MySQL 3, and 4, but requires the configuration change for MySQL 5.

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