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What kind of encoding are the language files stored in?

This article is for those who are interested how the script is able to deal with multiple languages.

About the Encoding:

The language files are stored in the standard ISO-8859-1 character set that is recommended by W3C for use in HTML documents.

Character sets from other languages are encoded in Unicode using the HTML entities, and thus can be stored in the ISO-8859-1 character set.

When editing the language in a browser, the browser will automatically convert all characters to HTML entities. That's why the language strings need to be edited using the translation tool in the Admin.

Emails are always sent out in UTF-8, the recommended encoding for email. The HTML entities are converted to UTF-8 using an internal library function.

It is always recommended by us that you also have all your HTML pages encoded in ISO-8859-1 character set (Latin 1). The advantage is that the browser does not have to guess your encoding, and you can mix languages / encodings in one file (For example English and Chinese, or Korean and French). Here is the header tag to use in your documents:

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