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How can I set the size of the grid?

You can do this in the 'Manage Grids' section in the admin.

The size of the grid is set in blocks (not pixels). Each block is a square of 100 pixels (10×10), so setting the size to 100 rows by 100 columns will give you 10,000 blocks which is exactly 1 million pixels.

Here are some example sizes:

– 200 rows and 100 columns will give you 2 million pixels.

– 50 rows and 50 columns will give you half a million pixels in a nice square

– 40 rows and 15 will give you a nice vertical banner with 60K pixels. (400×150 pixels)

The possibilities are endless, however please note that the script is limited to how much resources your server can take, and having grids over 2 million pixels would be infeasible because of the high resource requirements.

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