Another Site Redesign and Seadragons

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This isn’t going to be long but I just wanted to say I redesigned the site, yet again. The last one was just temporary with a free theme. Now I have a premium theme named Pro and I spent a little more time on it. You can pick the theme up yourself if you like it from here. Has tons of goodies and an awesome page builder. Lots of amazing plugins included and a really nice header and footer builder. So many things I could go on and on but go check it out for yourself. I’ve been working on MDS 3.0 some more and I’ve just finished implementing something really neat I wanted to share. I was thinking of ways I could implement this myself but figured there must be something out there that can do it already. And lo and behold there is! OpenSeadragon with Zoomify. I’ve already implemented it and now just have to wire up some options for customizing the grid a little more. It’s unfortunately still limited by memory in the initial creation of the grid though. I’ll definitely have to see if I can process it in smaller blocks at a time that the … Read More

Moving to GitLab and other updates

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Hello Everyone! I’ve finally decided it was about time to post some more news about what’s been happening lately. I’ve moved the source code and issue tracker over to GitLab. I’ve replaced the forum software with something new, and I’m still working on the WordPress plugin for Million Dollar Script 3.0. I’ve also been working on an integration from the old version of MDS to WordPress through iframes. And finally, I’ve added a contact form and a larger privacy policy to the site. I’ll expand a little on these points below. I’ve been using GitHub for quite awhile for various open source projects. However, yesterday GitHub announced that they were going to be acquired by Microsoft (7.5 billion dollars). I will spare you any sort of rant or further expansion on that subject. I just wanted to mention that I’ve decided to move development over to GitLab. I’ve been using GitLab for awhile for other projects and I find I like it a lot better than GitHub. So this was the final push for me to make the effort to move it over there. For a long time I had been having issues with the old forum software not sending … Read More

Progress Update

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I thought it was time for an update on what’s going on with MillionDollarScript development. I’ve still been fixing bugs occasionally for the 2.1 version, although there are some pretty big bugs to fix and I just don’t want to spend anymore time on it. I feel like a lot of the version 2.1 codebase is pretty dated and I’ve patched it up a lot since I took over development. However lately I’ve been working on the next version instead because I am rewriting everything from scratch as a WordPress plugin. It will be much more modern code and enable me to update it easier and hopefully be less buggy. Therefore it will allow me to provide additional features people request. This will be Million Dollar Script 3.0. I’ll explain some of the things I’m using for development. I’m using a handy tool called composer to automatically pull all the necessary code into my IDE (PHPStorm which is amazing!) including WordPress and 3rd party plugins and libraries. By running a single command “composer update” it’s able to automatically download the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce into my IDE so I can reference the code and have auto completion and … Read More

A progress update

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Hey Everyone! Been awhile since I’ve posted a news update but that’s because there isn’t really much new to say. I’m still working on things when I get time. The WordPress plugin version is still in the works but nothing to see yet. Maybe in the next few months though but I can’t make any promises (more than likely will be longer). I haven’t really taken as much time to work on this as I probably should have since I know people use this software and seem to like it so I’ve been working on the new version more and more in recent times. I have also been making little fixes as bugs are reported on the old dev snapshot as well. But I usually spend time working on the WordPress version. This plugin should work better, be quicker and easier to use and the code will be nicer and more updated and secure. Hopefully I can find a way to migrate the old database and files and whatnot into the new WordPress plugin, at least that’s the plan anyway. But we will see how it goes, I’m not sure if it’ll even be possible at this point due to … Read More

What’s New?

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything so here is a post. As you can see there is a new website and everything. I have been busy in the background migrating everything from Joomla to WordPress including the forums. So if you have any issues please let me know and I will do my best to fix them up. As far as development goes, well I have been doing a little here and there. I have started work on a WordPress version of the script. I was originally going to go with Joomla, and then I decided to do nothing for the time being, but now I have decided to use WordPress. WordPress has the API to do the job and is extremely popular and simple to use. I have tinkered with the idea of using WordPress in the past but it didn’t work out. Things have changed and now it’s possible to use. I am considering finally releasing a version 2.1 in the meantime since the old version is pretty ancient now and probably shouldn’t even be used. But then again, I think the development snapshot should require a fair bit of more updates as well. I also should … Read More