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The Million Dollar Script is the original pixel script, the first of its kind to be released to the public back in Sept 28, 2005. The Million Dollar Script allows you to sell advertising space on your website by selling pixels! Pixels are bought in blocks of pixels and then arranged on a clickable image map with the advertiser’s link. The pixel script comes complete with all the features which enable webmasters to provide a pixel-selling service with high efficiency and user satisfaction.

The Million Dollar Script is open source, distributed under the GPL License for free.


How Does it Work?

The script was designed to automate the pixel selling process as much as possible.

This means that once you install the script, there will be very little intervention required to keep it running.

  • Advertisers can place orders and pay with PayPal or 2Chekout or other payment methods. The transactions are processed automatically using a callback system, and there is also functionality for Admins to fulfill orders manually.
  • To make an order, Advertisers choose which pixels they want and place them on order. These pixels become ‘reserved’ and cannot be chosen by anyone else.
  • When the user completes a payment, the reserved pixels are marked as ‘sold’. If the Admin cancels the user’s order, the pixels are placed back as ‘available’. (Confirmed orders can only be deleted by Admin)
  • Advertisers upload images by themselves and manage their own link text.
  • The Admin approves the images and links added by the Advertisers. Admin can reject user’s image, or cancel the user’s order completely.
  • The Admin can place the pixel grid image anywhere on the website using special HTML code generated by the script. The script can be used to make a ‘Million Dollar Homepage’, or serve pixel banners on your website.


Project Contributors

Ryan Rhode – Developer

Adam Malinowski – Project Founder

And the many members of the community who have contributed bug reports / feature suggestions and fixes.



The software is distributed under the GNU General Public License and can be downloaded for free. You may re-distribute the Million Dollar Script under GPL, and also use it in your own GPL projects. For full license information, please see the GNU General Public License site.

Copyright belongs to the authors. All original website content & original software distributed on this website is protected by international Copyright Law.