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Million Dollar Script Premium Install Service

Order installation of the Million Dollar Script software direct from the developer. You can also order integration with WordPress, WooCommerce and Divi theme for an additional cost. I’ll install Divi theme for you and it will always get updates, you don’t have to buy it on their site.

I will fix any bugs at no cost and provide any support I can to help you get things setup.

Installation can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to a number of hours depending on how your host is configured and if there are any issues.

Please check that your host meets the requirements and also check the list of Known Compatibility Issues.

I highly recommend using Interserver for hosting. Just click the Buy Now button and it should be the right one. You can run Million Dollar Script on any of their plans. The only exception is for ASP.NET Web Hosting, do not use that one. Do not use a Windows server if you can help it. If you want to order from within an existing account you can use the “Web Hosting Direct Admin” plan or “Web Hosting – cpanel” or if you want it to be more powerful/quicker any of the others should work.

If you’d like help getting started feel free to contact me and I can help you set things up.

If you want me to install Million Dollar Script for you then you can order an install below.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

Please provide the necessary details with your order. Once I receive an order and I become available I’ll install it for you. If I require any additional information from you I’ll contact you at the email provided with your order. Once the installation is successful I’ll send you instructions on how you can proceed with any additional configuration of your site.

Install Service Order Form

Your hosting control panel info is usually sent to you by your host in an email. Note that this is not the same as your WordPress wp-admin URL.

The path is where you want it installed. This may vary depending on your host. If you don't know, don't worry, I will install it to the best path.

/home/example/public_html/ - Install as your main website.
/home/example/public_html/pixels/ - Install in a subfolder.
/home/example/sub.example.com/ - Install on a subdomain.

You can optionally upload two files here, your logo and favicon images. Your logo can be whatever size you prefer. A favicon is the icon that appears on the browser tab and can be 512 X 512 pixels. If you don't have these you can always add them to your site later.

Please select the payment processor(s) you'd like to accept payments with on your site. Additional information will be necessary in some cases, such as an API key or email address and I will ask you for this if necessary.

Please enter any other payment provider(s) you wish to use on your site.

Please enter the currency code of the currency you wish to accept payment in. There can be only one. USD, CAD, GBP, etc.
There are many WooCommerce plugins for other payment providers not listed above.
I can also install the Divi theme for you. I have a lifetime license for Divi that can be installed on unlimited websites. This is an install service for the Divi theme.
Payments are processed by Stripe.com. Your payment information never touches my server.
Price: CAD $75