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Order Custom Development Services

Order Custom Development Services

Pay for custom development services in advance.

Beneficial For Everyone

  • Helps prevent unexpected costs for you because you know exactly how much you’re paying.
  • Nobody worries about invoices; how much they’ll be, or if they’ll ever be paid.
  • Ensures I am paid fairly for my time.
  • Motivates me to do the work ASAP.

How Much To Order

If you want an estimate on how much time to order then only order 1 hour and get in contact with me and we can discuss it.

If Time Runs Out

If I work for the amount of time you’ve ordered and it isn’t finished yet then I encourage you to order more if you want me to continue.

However, you then also have the opportunity to find another way to accomplish your goals if you so desire.

For example if you want to try doing the rest yourself then you can.

Or if you aren’t happy with my work for whatever reason you can get someone else to do the rest if you want to.

Time Tracking

I use a program called ManicTime to track my time precisely. This ensures that I don’t charge for anything except your project down to the tiniest moment.

About Me


My name is Ryan. I’m 42 years old. I’ve been programming for 25+ years. I’ve been working on Million Dollar Script for 12+ years in my spare time.

I’m not the original developer of MDS. I took over development of it in 2010 when I saw that they were looking for someone to take on the project. They had made it open source and stopped updating it. I noticed that a lot of people were upset that it didn’t work who had paid money for it and I wanted to help.

Since then I’ve worked with countless people and have done a lot of customizations of MDS for them. I’ve fixed countless bugs and continue to do so. I’m working on rewriting it completely from scratch for MDS 3.0 as a WordPress plugin. I’ve been doing that for quite awhile now when I have time and it’s slowly coming together.

I’ve had many clients outside of this project, some of those I’ve been working with for many, many years who are very happy with my work. Therefore I have confidence in myself and what I can do.

I know my limits. If you want something I don’t feel comfortable with then I won’t try to do it. However, I do know a lot of programming languages and have tried a lot of them to some extent.

I also like to play, develop, and mod games when I can. I’ve used Unity and Unreal Engine but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in those, I just like doing that as a hobby.

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.


No Refunds

I cannot provide any refunds for extra time ordered. Only order what you can afford.

The only exception to this is that if I cannot accomplish your task due to lack of knowledge or experience, etc. then I have no problem refunding you. However, if I’ve already spent a large amount of time then only a partial refund may be possible.