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Release Notes

The following are the Million Dollar Script Two plugin release notes.

2.3.5 2022-07-14 15:37:12 EDT

  • Add database updater to plugin_loaded hook for when plugin is updated directly from plugins list.
  • Add option to disable plugin updates or switch to development branch.
  • Fix default Invert Pixels option.

2.3.4 2022-07-14 12:32:54 EDT

  • Add Invert Pixels option to invert instead of add when selecting pixels in advanced mode.
  • Add Orders: Reserved admin page.
  • Add Reset and Erase buttons to advanced pixel selection method.
  • Add Select Grid button on grid select dropdown.
  • Add WP cron for order expirations.
  • Add action mds_added_to_cart when MDS product is added to WC cart.
  • Add blocks to Ad List page in admin.
  • Add cancelled status for blocks.
  • Change container styles from pixels to rem.
  • Change more settings from days to minutes in Main Config.
  • Don't immediately delete uploaded user images.
  • Don't show no-image placeholder in some cases.
  • Fix MDS products not hiding from shop.
  • Fix WooCommerce integration.
  • Fix Write Ad page not working in some cases.
  • Fix ad listing and pagination.
  • Fix ad not saving in some cases.
  • Fix issues selecting pixels in advanced pixel selection method.
  • Fix list page width on smaller screens.
  • Fix mds-loaded JS event not firing.
  • Fix occasional missing bottom and right grid borders.
  • Fix tippy loading animation container size.
  • Fix various warnings/notices being logged.
  • If there are multiple grids then only show the grid selection form first.
  • Move buttons to first column in Manage Grids page.
  • Open URLs shown in tippy in the same window instead of trying to open a new one.
  • Replace hammer.js with contact.js.
  • Send SQL errors to error log.
  • Use WP function for user login check when saving ad.
  • Update vendor libraries.

2.3.3 2022-03-09 02:32:06 EST

  • Add %BLOCK_ORD_COUNT% replacement for advertiser_home_blkonorder language key.
  • Add missing config option for "Email Advertiser when an order is Completed?".
  • Add option Main Config to hide My Order History menu item.
  • Add option to set Account Page where users can edit their WP profile.
  • Add permission system using capabilities for accessing MDS user menus and pages.
  • Add mds-loaded JS event triggered when the grid loads.
  • Attempt to increase memory_limit on activation.
  • Convert some more queries to wpdb.
  • Fix Not For Sale block selection further.
  • Fix WooCommerce order URL redirect getting the wrong quantity when more than one block was ordered.
  • Fix multiple consecutive orders becoming the same order in some situations.
  • Fix various warnings and notices.
  • Fix the background color setting not working.
  • Make Complete and Confirm buttons disable and indicate it's loading when clicked.
  • Only process background grid image if it's enabled.
  • Show installing/installed status on main page.
  • Update Manage Grids page.
  • Update order summary to display blocks or pixels depending on "Display stats as blocks or pixels" setting.
  • Update vendor libs.

2.3.2 2022-02-14 22:31:52 EST

  • Fix NFS block selection.
  • Fix deprecated JS substr usage.
  • Fix missing quotes on install queries.
  • Fix some notices/warnings.
  • Log user out if they aren't logged in correctly.
  • Make approve/disapprove automatically check the Process Grid Images box as necessary.
  • Update third party libs.
  • Use MDS validate URL when no URL is set in Options page.

2.3.1 2022-02-11 12:34:54 EST

  • Add option to display stats box sold/available in pixels or blocks.
  • Add some GROUP BY sql parameters to support another MySQL configuration.
  • Better PHP 8 compatilibity.
  • Delete a bunch of Adobe color profiles in Imagine library to significantly reduce file size.
  • Disable Save Ad button when editing the ad form to prevent confusion.
  • Display MDS Version on admin screen instead of build date.
  • Fix Image Map library not using vanilla version on header.php.
  • Fix SQL queries for dates on some admin pages causing it to not filter searches properly.
  • Fix System Info screen to display to the right instead of below.
  • Fix example list not displaying in admin.
  • Fix various warnings/uninitilizaed variables, etc.
  • Use current user's email as default MDS admin contact email on install.

2.3.0 2022-02-07 08:34:05 EST

  • Add Display Time Format config option.
  • Add another MU plugin used only for activation and then removed.
  • Add file version cache buster to grid image loaded through AJAX.
  • Add wp_register_script for on shortcode in WP 5.9.
  • Added a WooCommerce payment module to MDS that gets enabled automatically when enabling WooCommerce in the Options page.
  • Added new options for WooCommerce Product, Auto-approve, Register Page, Forgot Password Page and Validate Page.
  • Adjust database table prefixes or some plugins won't back them up.
  • Catch PayPal IPN exception.
  • Change a bunch of calls to $ to use jQuery instead.
  • Deactivate old MDS plugins on activation.
  • Disable call to jQuery noConflict since it was giving an error.
  • Escape SQL on install to fix Windows installs.
  • Fix conflicts with older plugin deactivation.
  • Fix missing exit on javascript output on login redirect.
  • Fix moving orders/blocks on map of orders screen.
  • Fix pagination on ad list.
  • Fix uploaded image pixel and block count when ordering.
  • Fix user id javascript error when ordering before logging in.
  • Fix various errors, warnings and notices.
  • Fix various paths and queries.
  • Get rid of the error when ajax doesn't finish loading.
  • Increase currency decimal places to 10.
  • Moved some WooCommerce functions to the Functions class.
  • Rename plugin to Million Dollar Script Two, so it makes more sense to people when MDS 3.0 comes out.
  • Switch to vanilla version of image-map library.
  • Update PayPal cert.
  • Update to work with new WC PayPal plugin.
  • Update vendor libraries.
  • Upgrade DB before installing it.
  • Use dynamic multiplier based on block width and height.
  • WooCommerce product automatically created and assigned for use.

2.2.5 2021-07-01 13:45:15 EDT

  • Add Views count to List Advertisers page in admin.
  • Add some missing language js files for ckeditor.
  • Fix approve/disapprove not showing all grids on all grids page.
  • Fix clicks not being recorded.
  • Update PHPMailer.

2.2.4 2021-05-27 21:41:52 EDT

  • Add another Imagick check for potential optimized loading of pointer graphic.
  • Add more checks to help when migrating from standalone.
  • Fix using hardcoded http in some more places.
  • Update CKEditor

2.2.3 2021-05-07 17:26:29 EDT

  • Add 0 placeholder to ad form to fix numeric field name offset.
  • Add AJAX loader animation to order page grid.
  • Fix "Redirect when a user clicks on available block?" setting not saving.
  • Fix Ad List pagination not working.
  • Fix link on popup not linking.
  • Fix login automatically on install.
  • Fix user functions still using mdsdb instead of wpdb.
  • Fix wrong WP_URL causing iframes not to resize properly.
  • Make AJAX loader position to the top center of the container.
  • Remove unnecessary step when ordering.

2.2.2 2021-05-06 18:09:44 EDT

  • Remove database options and config.php completely.
  • Remove notices from options screen.

2.2.1 2021-05-06 11:31:57 EDT

  • Add a crude minimum PHP version checker.
  • Fix image resize on upload.
  • Make Update checker static.
  • PHP 7.3 compatibility.

2.2.0 2021-05-05 13:34:06 EDT

  • Add view_count and click_count to blocks.
  • Added %BLOCK_COUNT% as a replacement for the block count in the advertiser_home_blkyouown language key.
  • Added %MEMBERID% as a replacement for the username for all email language entries.
  • Added Login Redirect option to redirect users to after login.
  • Added built-in updater system.
  • Added display parameter to shortcode. This allows changing the link different types use. Currently only used with the iframe display method.
  • Added mds-loaded action hook that runs after the Bootstrap.
  • Added some Utilities to copy some files to WP uploads folder on install.
  • All grid images are now stored in the WP uploads/milliondollarscript/grids folder.
  • All languages are stored in the WP uploads/milliondollarscript/languages folder.
  • All user uploaded images are now stored in the WP uploads/milliondollarscript/images folder.
  • Copy default english-default.php to english.php on install to not overwrite custom languages.
  • Fix NFS selection in admin. Much quicker now. Now uses SelectionJS from https://simonwep.github.io/selection/
  • Fix selecting your own pixels for temp orders.
  • Fixed click count.
  • Fixed issue with touch devices on scaled down grid.
  • Fixed reading values from MDS config when they contained different line endings.
  • Load WP on init.
  • Load jQuery, jQuery UI using Bower instead of Composer.
  • Made %SITE_URL% update automatically to the WP_URL when WP integration is enabled.
  • Moved MDS files to an uploads folder.
  • Rebraneded to Million Dollar Script Embedded
  • Remove custom_wc_functions.php.
  • Removed forced http:// prefix on URL field. Will now take any input and attach a https:// URL scheme to it if no URL scheme exists.
  • Removed output of site contact email address on user index page.
  • Updated PHPMailer to 6.4.1