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Here are some great hosts that I use or have used. Most of these are affiliate links if you want to use them to help me out.

Interserver – This has become a new favourite of mine. They have all kinds of really powerful and cheap hosting and very excellent service and many different exciting features to use. Including domains, shared/WordPress hosting, transactional email, VPS, dedicated servers, giving you options and room to grow.

You might want to start with their shared plan. Either their DirectAdmin or cPanel plans should work.

ServaRICA – This host has very excellent service and support and is currently my favourite host for VPS. I also really like their Unlimited Storage plan for my personal backups. They have shared hosting too (untested). They are located in Montreal, Canada.

Here are some other VPS providers you can use. Note that setting up and maintaining a VPS can require a higher level of technical expertise unless you get a fully managed server.

Contabo – This host is super cheap for what you get with the VPS plans.

Vultr – Get $100 sign up credit.

DigitalOcean – Get $100 sign up credit.

UpCloud – Get $25 sign up credit.

Linode – This is another great VPS provider.

You can also use any other VPS providers or even AWS, Lightsail, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

FastComet – This is another good host. They have cheap shared hosting and great support.

There are many other great hosts. But there are also some really horrible hosts I would recommend staying away from.

I would recommend NOT using GoDaddy.

I also would recommend NOT using any Newfold Digital/EIG hosts. Read more about that here.