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How to add a new page

Link on the user/index.php should be pointing to order_pixels.php instead of select.php

Adjusting the default image resize

Problem when processing pixels (Warning: touch() [function.touch]: Utime failed: Permission denied)

Map of Orders does not display in the Admin

Error 145: Can't open file: 'config.MYI' (errno: 145) - or related error

Processing Pixels: Warning: touch(): Utime failed: Permission denied

Why is 'My link text' limited to only 255 characters?

MySQL error: Field 'Aboutme' doesn't have a default value

MySQL error: The current MySQL user does not have permission to lock tables

MySQL error: User 'name here' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 18000)

What are the typical steps for admins and customers when selling pixels?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: bcmod()

There is no 'pixels' folder after Unzipping the file!

How can I have support for multiple languages at once?

Error with MySQL 5 - disable SQL strict mode.

How do I insert a background image in to the grid?

How do you delete advertisers?

How to make blocks Not For Sale (NFS) ?

My hosting company does not allow me to set chmod 777 permissions

Selecting pixels: After selecting pixels, the green blocks are shown in the wrong place!

I see no image. A message is saying 'process your pixels from the Admin section'. What does that mean?

install.php script showing Notices and Warnings

My background image too big and I cannot upload it. What can I do?

Is there is a way to display the grid not using IFRAME ?

How can I set the size of the grid?

Processing image with GD: Call to undefined function: imagegif()

Can you suggest a Backup Procedure?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreate()

JavaScript Error when viewing the grid.

I would like to approve the links one at a time.

How do I buy pixels without paying? (i.e. For myself)

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted

Wrong link showing in the emails! www.mywebsite.comusers/ instead of

What kind of encoding are the language files stored in?

Process Pixels problem: 'failed to open stream: Permission denied'

How do I upload the script?

How do I change the price of a pixel?

Top clicks does not work

Publishing Pixels - Bad URL. (HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden or 404 File Not Found)

Cannot access admin/ - Directory Listing Denied error

Problems with Godaddy Hosting / other Free hosting services.

I do not see a home page. How do I get the home page to come up?

Modified template & now select pixels is offset.

How do I translate to another language?

What is the difference between GIF, PNG and JPEG?

Cannot upload blocks - filesize() error in publish.php

How do I change the logo?

Expire email not working

Validation email - the link is breaking up in to 2 lines

Setting up SMTP in PHP on a local Windows machine

SMTP Email error: Connection refused

SMTP Email error 553 (553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1))

SMTP Email error 550 (is currently not permitted to relay)

What are the maximum characters allowed in the fields?

PayPal error: This invoice has already been paid

Configuring PayPal IPN

Configuring payment module

Check/Bank payment module - customer cannot go back to their order.

I have installed my payment modules, but they do not come up in the users section

Error when editing payment modules

Payment Modules: Creating your own. (Advanced)


How can I color each pixel / section of the grid individually?

How can I center the grid?

A note about Advanced Customization

Where is the header and footer?

What type of hosting service do you recommend?

How much storage space and transfer per month will I need?

Can I change the price at any time? Can I have different prices for different zones?

Will I basically have a page exactly like the demo version or can I change colors , text etc...?

Is it possible to translate to another language?

Can I install the script multiple times on the same domain, putting each installation in to a separate sub directory?

Can you please explain the requirements a little more to me?

What is the license agreement?

Can I intergrate your script with another software?

How is the script delivered?

Does the script require the 'globals' setting stwitched to ON?

Can I host the the script on domain A and have the grid displayed on domain B?

How does validation work? Are accounts are validated automatically?

What is the click tracking feature?

Is it possible to have 20 grids or more, or is there a limit?

I have a logo, is it easy to put it into the site/page?

How can I trust your script? How many people have purchased your software?

Can I see the demo of the Admin section?

I haven't received the latest version? Where would I log on to download it?

Is it possible to sell one pixel at a time, of if it can be configured to do that.

We would like to offer our advertisers the option of purchasing pixel space on a pay per click basis (PPC)


Features at a Glance

Win Merge Tutorial

Alpha Blending Tutorial


Yahoo Install

Chmod Permissions Tutorial

cPanel Install