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Some Screenshots

Some Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the upcoming Million Dollar Script 2.5. I did a lot more than I had anticipated and it took a lot longer than I was hoping but it’s almost ready so I thought I would share some screenshots since people keep asking where they can see...

New Update Coming Soon

Hello! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve released an update for Million Dollar Script and since lots of people have been asking lately, I’m working on one and it will be out in the coming days, if everything goes well. I’ve fixed a number of...

Million Dollar Script 2.3.5

This update adds various little new features and fixes a number of issues. Some of the new features and fixes were for the advanced pixel selection mode. This includes Reset and Erase buttons and an Invert Pixels option to invert instead of add when selecting pixels...

Million Dollar Script 2.3.3

I’ve finally done it! I hope… I think it works anyway. I tested on my server and it seemed ok. If you have errors please report them so I can fix them for you. Make sure you have MySQL 5.7+ and PHP 7.4+. These are what WordPress requires and this is what...