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This update adds various little new features and fixes a number of issues.

Some of the new features and fixes were for the advanced pixel selection mode. This includes Reset and Erase buttons and an Invert Pixels option to invert instead of add when selecting pixels in advanced pixel selection mode. There is also a new “Orders: Reserved” admin page, along with several other minor additions and changes. It also fixes issues selecting pixels in advanced mode, particularly on mobile devices.

One way of helping with mobile devices was replacing hammer.js with contact.js which was written to replace it. So thank you to the author for making that!

And of course testing on various devices using BrowserStack who graciously provide me with an account to do so. Super awesome!

It also contains fixes for a bunch of issues with the WooCommerce integration. So if you’ve had any issues with that you can try this update and see if it helps.

Another thing that has changed, if you have multiple grids then when ordering a user will see the grid selection box on it’s own page first before being shown the grid. This should help them choose the proper grid and prevent waiting for the grid to load only to have to choose a different one.

Check the full release notes for more information.

Thank you to all the community members who helped report issues and test the fixes! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Make sure to backup before updating, especially if you’ve made custom changes anywhere!

Like always, please report any issues you find and I can get them fixed as soon as I’m able.

I’ve also been working a lot on MDS 3.0 lately and have made some pretty good progress with things. Perhaps I’ll write another blog post in the near future about that. It’s not ready yet but it’s coming along and hopefully soon will be ready for testing in an alpha state.