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Today I launched my own site called mPixel.net powered by the upcoming Million Dollar Script 2.5.

I’ve decided to launch this so that I can test it on a live site and achieve a better understanding of any issues or shortcomings from my own perspective rather than depending on other people to try and tell me how things could be better.

This is a live and fully working site. You are welcome to order pixels on it and put your link there. I especially encourage you to try this out if you want to support the Million Dollar Script open source project and help fund future development.

I should note that on the current grid orders will expire after 1 year. I decided this is a good idea for now because I still want to be able to shed any dead links and continue working with and test things on this site in the future. Eventually I may add other grids at different price points or using some of the other features to show them off and test them out. I may also lengthen that 1 year expiry period if it begins to fill up or the links aren’t going dead that quick.