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What is the difference between GIF, PNG and JPEG?

You may have been wondering why the grid look 'diry' / low quality images? Or you may have been wondering what is the best image format to choose?

The grid images that are displayed to the public can be JPEG, PNG or GIF. You can select which format to output in the Main Config.

PNG: Uses non-lossy compression, meaning that the image will be compressed, yet there will be no loss of quality. The image can have thousands of colors. This is best for smaller grids.

GIF: Uses non-lossy compression, however it is limited to only 256 colors so there will be some loss of quality, but smaller file size than PNG. This is best for grids with a million pixels.

JPEG: Uses lossy compression, meaning that some quality will be sacrificed in order to attain a smaller file size than PNG or GIF. The quality level can be adjusted in Main Config. This is best if you have a photo in the background.

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