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What are the maximum characters allowed in the fields?


What are the maximum characters allowed in the fields?


– The one line text fields are limited to 255 characters

– Multi-line text fields and HTML editor are not limited to any size.

TIP: When listing the fields in columns, there is a 'Truncate (cut)' functionality which allows you to trim the field to a certain limit when it is displayed on the list.

(See Admin -> Ads form -> Ad List for an example, where you can edit the columns on the resume list).

Another helpful feature is the string breaking feature which breaks up long continuous sequences of characters. This stops form people inserting content which may break the layout of your site by putting in a space in between the longer sequences. This is set in Main Config, under the 'data cleaning' section.

– Radio buttons, check boxes, drop down lists are not limited to how many options they have.

– Categories are not limited to how deep they are or how many options they have, but it is always recommended to keep the categories as broad as possible and simple, for usability.

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