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Million Dollar Script Two WordPress Integration Plugin v2.3.0 (Hosting requirements)

Well hello there! It’s been awhile. I hope everything’s going ok with you in these wild times.

I’m still here. I’ve been quite busy with work and life. Lots of good and bad things have happened since last time we spoke, but such is life I suppose. On it goes. I’ve been working on a new plugin that integrates Million Dollar Script with WordPress. In this new plugin, which since it’s inception I’ve renamed to Million Dollar Script Two, you simply have to install the plugin and it will automatically install MDS. It’s still not MDS 3.0 but that’s slowly getting closer too. For now this is Million Dollar Script 2 fully embedded into a WordPress plugin. So you don’t have to install them separately anymore.

The reason for using WordPress is that you can customize the look and functionality of your site much easier without necessarily knowing how to code anything. You can have more features and even integrate with WooCommerce to allow many more payment gateways to be used. You can easily add new pages like a contact form or a blog. The possibilities are near endless.

If you’ve ordered an install service with WP integration from me in the past several months or so you probably already have a plugin with MDS embedded into it. It would have been called Million Dollar Script Embedded. More recent versions of that will also even automatically update to new versions of it when I release them. I haven’t released an update for it in awhile but I have a new release coming very soon and it’s a pretty big one. It’ll be version 2.3.0. I’ve renamed the plugin to Million Dollar Script Two so that it makes more sense to people when Million Dollar Script 3.0 comes out.

If you were using an older version of the embedded plugin then when you update it or install this new plugin it should automatically deactivate the old embedded version and upgrade the database for you. You may then want to go through your options since there are some new ones under Million Dollar Script > Options. It might do some funny stuff when you save the options the first time. It might log you out of your site. But that’s ok, just log back in and everything should be good to go. This is because it installs a MU plugin into WordPress that adjusts the cookie domain settings which allows it to integrate user accounts between MDS and WP.

If you were using a standalone version of MDS it doesn’t have a direct migration path from that to this new plugin. However if anyone is interested in that then I could make something to do it or write some instructions on doing it manually which might not be that hard. You might be able to just put the database tables in your WP database and put your various files into the wp-content/uploads/milliondollarscript folder in their right spots. Files include the language files, some things in the admin/temp folder and I think the pixels folder were where they were. There may be other things to do as well such as changing the paths in the config table to where it expects them to be in the embedded version (/wp-content/plugins/milliondollarscript-two/src/Core) for example, but mainly the new plugin and the standalone version are completely separate and you shouldn’t expect to be able to migrate to the new plugin without some work.

Perhaps in the future I may add a feature for migrating to the new plugin from the standalone integration plugin. Eventually it may all become the same thing since MDS 3.0 will be a WP plugin anyway and it’ll be easier to migrate to that. Hopefully there will be a path to upgrade to the latest version.

I haven’t yet merged in many of the changes I’ve made in the new plugin into the standalone version or even the integrated version. Up until now, the WP integration plugin is the one you can download from the sidebar on this website. They are all developed separately in completely separate projects. Eventually I’ll stop updating the standalone version altogether once I’m satisfied that the WP plugin is working completely stable and all the API is migrated to WP like I want.

Some parts of the MDS2 plugin are rewritten to use WP API for various things like database and files and various other WP functionality, but some of it’s still not updated yet. Some of the database calls are still not using WP API which is mostly just the result of there being a whole lot of code and it taking vast amounts of time, I just haven’t done it all yet. This is one reason why I’m completely rewriting it all from the ground up for MDS3. It will be a lot simpler and cleaner and easier to maintain and still have the features people want. Although it may take me time to implement them all. A lot of them can likely just be addon plugins.

A lot of people have made some great suggestions on new features, reported bugs, helped test, and many have even ordered the install service. A lot of people have great ideas and I really wish I had more time to do everything faster. We’ll get there.

A lot of people have been ordering the install service which is great too. It helps me have more time to work on it and gives me a chance to understand how people are using it and what they want to do. I try to help them out and answer their questions and fix the bugs they report. I try to evolve it in the direction people seem to want it to go. Eventually we’ll get there. Thanks to all the great people who support the project! Even if you don’t really know you’re helping, the fact people use this still after all these years, in new and interesting ways, it’s wonderful.

Soon I will switch the version of the WordPress integration plugin that you can download on the website to the new version I’ve been working on, Million Dollar Script Two. It has MDS 2.3.0 fully embedded into it. It installs with all the options setup so that it’s integrated fully with WordPress automatically.

If you’re updating from an older version of the embedded plugin it should automatically upgrade it when you update or install this plugin. If you’re installing this plugin for the first time you should be able to install it by uploading it to WP. The file is over 15MB, so you’ll have to make sure you can upload that big of file to your host or it might not let you upload it. You may have to extract it manually to the plugins folder if you can’t change your resource limits in your control panel. Then when you activate the plugin it should install the MDS database tables into your WP database, and configure everything appropriately. You can then go to Million Dollar Script > Options and configure it to your liking.

WooCommerce integration is also easier to setup now. First you have to install the WooCommerce plugin in WP. Then you simply have to enable the WooCommerce integration under Million Dollar Script > Options and then once you save it will automatically create a product for it and use it. When people order pixels from your grid they will use that product. The only downfall so far with this is that if you have multiple grids they would use the same product and therefore have to have the same price as it.

I probably should add documentation pages for all these things. Eventually I plan to rewrite and update/remove a bunch of outdated things in the documents. I’ve slowly been working on that here and there.

Here are some of the highlights of changes in this new plugin:

  • Million Dollar Script fully embedded as a WordPress plugin.
  • New WooCommerce integration functionality.
  • Added built in updater system. You can update the plugin like any other plugin in WP.
  • Fixed various errors, warnings and notices.
  • Config moved to the config database table instead of using a file.
  • Currency decimal places set to 10.
  • Fixed PHP 8 compatibility issues.
  • Should even work on Windows in XAMPP now for people to test.