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I’ve recently been spending a lot of time polishing up the old Million Dollar Script 2.1 version and merging in all the changes I’ve been making for the WP integration and a whole bunch of other fixes and changes. This isn’t the new 3.0 rewrite WP plugin, but an integration for the old version. And now you can integrate Million Dollar Script with WordPress yourself!

I have just merged in the latest batch of changes which you can now download from the download button.

I’ve redone the entire admin area to use AJAX rather than iframes, just because. I probably fixed a bunch of little bugs in the process, and hopefully didn’t introduce any new ones but time will tell. I’ve tried to test everything and make sure it works ok.

I’ve also made MDS itself show things through AJAX as well rather than using iframes to display the grids and stats. I may eventually add this to the other users pages as well.

I’ve added new tooltips using tippy.js which is powered by Popper and I think these are much, much nicer now. There is still some work to do in a couple spots such as the list page doesn’t show the new tooltips yet and the admin pages don’t use them yet.

One of the other things I’ve done lately is work on a Divi module for MDS. This is currently only available currently for premium install services where I’ll install Divi on your site for you. However I’ve extracted parts of this out into a separate plugin (which is actually the original plugin I used before I made the Divi module) and I’ve updated it now and released it for everyone. This allows you to use shortcodes to display MDS through WordPress pages. You can find more info about it and download it here.

It doesn’t include WooCommerce support yet but I may add that eventually when I get a chance. The only thing is that code has always been part of the theme functions so I’ll probably have to rewrite some of it to work as part of the plugin and I haven’t looked into doing that yet. So for now that is still only offered as part of the premium install service.

This all seems to work ok so far but like always if you find any issues with anything then please report them to me so I can fix them up.

This will be the last of the big updates for the 2.1 version because I want to focus on 3.0. It isn’t ready yet but it’s coming along nicely and I can use some of the things I’ve just done for 2.1 in it so woohoo!

I’d also like to mention a new dev tool I found called Lando. I previously was using Windows with Laragon and it has served me well for years but lately I’ve been having various issues using it, possibly related to Windows paths or maybe my antivirus or firewall or who really knows. It’s really kind of a pain to do web development things in Windows anyway but I like to play games sometimes that don’t work so well in Linux. So I’ve installed a dual boot with Linux again and found a really nice dev tool software called Lando that uses Docker to quickly fire up a development server. I’m sure there are plenty of other things but I wanted to try Lando and so far I’m really liking it. I just wanted to give a shout out to them for anyone interested in such things.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a cookie. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or find issues please come chat on Discord or the forums or send me an email using the contact form or make an issue on GitLab.