Moving to GitLab and other updates

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Hello Everyone! I’ve finally decided it was about time to post some more news about what’s been happening lately. I’ve moved the source code and issue tracker over to GitLab. I’ve replaced the forum software with something new, and I’m still working on the WordPress plugin for Million Dollar Script 3.0. I’ve also been working on an integration from the old version of MDS to WordPress through iframes. And finally, I’ve added a contact form and a larger privacy policy to the site. I’ll expand a little on these points below. I’ve been using GitHub for quite awhile for various open source projects. However, yesterday GitHub announced that they were going to be acquired by Microsoft (7.5 billion dollars). I will spare you any sort of rant or further expansion on that subject. I just wanted to mention that I’ve decided to move development over to GitLab. I’ve been using GitLab for awhile for other projects and I find I like it a lot better than GitHub. So this was the final push for me to make the effort to move it over there. For a long time I had been having issues with the old forum software not sending … Read More