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How can I color each pixel / section of the grid individually?

Design a custom grid and use this as a background image of the script. The best way would be to take a screen shot of the current grid first, and then edit the screenshot in your favourite editor, eg PhotoShop. You can edit the image however you like, eg. color the...

How can I center the grid?

PROBLEM: I want the grid to appear in the center. How do I do it? SOULTION You can try to put a <CENTER></CENTER> tag around the IFRAME code. For example if your grid code is something like: <iframe width="1000" height="1000"...

A note about Advanced Customization

Please note that we do not support any changes that you make to the code, however in this category you may find common problems when faced with customization to the code / html.

Where is the header and footer?

The beauty of the script is that the home page is not a script, but a normal HTML page. Therefore, there is no need for a header and footer for the home page. You can simply load the index.html file into any HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage and edit your...