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Hi fellow script users,Our website is now online and running. Please feel free to come, visit, like, comment and buy pixels !As of today the site is in french only, but we're working on an english and german version.[b]www.startup-equity.ch[/b]

how did you change the template like this ?

went through all the CSS files to change them.Had some help with minor php tweaks from admin here also πŸ™‚ Took quite a while to get them right and you need to know CSS.

skraagy can you help me ?www.1milyonpiksel.com this is my site but i have some problems with pixel grid .. as you can see my grid looks like cut from its right side how can i solve this ?

try changing the iframe width to 1002px.

it didnt work .. πŸ™

those 2 you need to change to 1002px.Well it forks for me with firebug

do i have missing codes in there ? it looks different

i did it thank you so much!!!!

glad if i was of any help πŸ™‚