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Wrong Grid link

First, sry for my bad english :DMy Problem:I have two grids. For example [b]Grid A[/b] and [b]B[/b]. If I login as an Advertiser and upload a pic on grid A, than i can edit it by "Manage my Pixel" and show me all my orders. But if I upload the pic on [b]Grid B[/b], so i can´t manage it in this option, because "manage my pixel" only link to Grid A. I see only a white grid.As advertiser the only possibility is to go on "My Order" and click Manage. And that´s not right.(The Html-Code show me the same. "Manage my Pixel" = src="show_map.php?[b]BID=1[/b]&time=1361019315". Instead of [b]BID=1 for Grid A[/b] here would [b]BID=2 for Grid B[/b].)Thanks for help

So I'm add some data maybe you can better understand me.Processing Pixel I have done!If I login as Ad and order a Pixel-pic on Grid ID 2 (NOT the MAIN GRID ID 1) and the admin (that´s me) approved that. I can normaly edit the Pic by "Edit my Pixel" BUT in this Option (sitename is /user/publish.php) the grid ist blank, because the grid is linkink to Grid ID 1. How can I change this?If I Order a second pic on Grid ID 3 it´s all ok, because in "Edit my Pixel" appear a dropdown-option with the Names of Grid ID 2 and 3. This dropdown-option shows too, when I have orders on Grid ID 1 and 2 or 1 and 3!BUT if I Order as Advertiser two pixel-pics on one grid. I mean Grid ID 2 or Grid ID 3, than i have the blank grid again.Info: I use this script for german sites.Hoster: Hosteurope MySQL Version 5.5.30-1Please help me! I don´t know what I have to do!Greets

Hi,Sorry for the slow response. I will look into this and get back to you.Ryan

Hello Ryan,i´m still awaiting for help. Do you know where is the problem?#friendly greetsBigbob9

I have worked on this a bit actually. I was able to reproduce it but haven't had time to fix it just yet. I think there is a drop down menu to select the grid missing from that page is all. So I might have to add one to select different grids.

Ok, that sounds good. Thank you!So I'll wait until you have solved the problem.best regardsBigbob9

Hello Ryan, what do you think about this problem. It´s possible to fix it?I´m still waiting.best regardsBigbob9