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write_ad.php seems broken

Hi Ryan,Can you check 'users/write_ad.php'? It's not showing the form.

Ok, checking it out right now.

Ok, I pushed a fix for the broken tables and another that fixed a lot more notices. Also fixes the broken write_ad.php.

Hi Ryan, Thanks for the heads up about those missing 'td' close tags.Now, please excuse my confusedness, but I'm still learning new things about GitHub. Do you know how I can commit your changes to my 'patch-1' branch?

Nevermind. got it!

I tried to post another thread, but it didn't go through.whats up?

Not sure what you mean exactly. If you're having problems connecting to the website it could be some sort of network issue though.

I tried to post another topic in this forum, but it never showed up, and when I went to repost it said duplicate post or something. πŸ™

maybe it was censored...but it was nothing bad in it.

Oh I wonder if it was autodetected as spam or something. Will check it out.