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Hi Ryan, sorry to ask this but I can’t find any thing recent in the forum about a WP plug-in so I thought I’d just ask if it looks like this might be a reality any time soon.  No pressure at all, just wondering. Cheers!

Hi there,

It's hard to say if it will be usable any time soon, but it's definitely still progressing. Yes I am rewriting everything from scratch as a WordPress plugin. This will be known as MillionDollarScript 3.0. I actually worked on it most of the day and made some really good progress on it yesterday.

I implemented a couple nice new libraries into the mix including a nice image processing library and a plugin for adding custom fields to the grids so that will help speed things up a little since I don't have to write those things from scratch now.

I was able to successfully process the grid image so that it actually creates the blank grid. There's still a fair bit more work to do before it's functional and I'm sure there will be more work after that to tidy things up and I want to implement a migration path from the old version.

It's coming along pretty nicely at this point but it's still taking a lot longer than I had originally anticipated. Partly because I work on it only in my spare time but also because I keep running into major issues that I have to find workarounds for. For example I had planned a method of integration into WooCommerce that seemed like it should work but when I started coding it and trying to make it work it just wouldn't work right no matter what I did and I spent a lot of time messing with that. It didn't work because of some issues in WooCommerce at the time which may have since been fixed. At that time I had to rethink the way I did the entire checkout process and after a lot of experimenting and rewriting things I finally am progressing on the checkout process again.

I'm planning to make it all modular so that if you wanted to write your own integration into something other than WooCommerce you should be able to do that. I created a system for modules that you can plug into it to add new functionality but I'm sure that has a fair bit more work to do yet still too before it's actually usable in practice.

Another thing I've done along the way is created a temporary method of integrating MDS into a WordPress site. It's not a complete integration, merely some hacks to MDS and a WP plugin or two that together shows the different pages of MDS through WordPress pages in iframes. The iframes will autosize to their content. It requires an hour or two of work to get it to integrate properly though and I haven't made it ready for everyone yet (URLs to sites are still hardcoded in the files etc.) but maybe some day I'll put up some instructions for that for people who want to try it. Although that may take some time to do and time to support people who want to use it and I would much rather just keep motoring away at 3.0.

Anyway, if you have any other questions you are more than welcome to ask. I'll do my best to answer ???? 

I'll post some screenshots for you. It seems like I can only post one per post though so sorry if you get a bunch of emails about it.

Editing the WooCommerce product (this stuff probably will change somewhat)

What the WooCommerce settings currently look like on the settings page. They are added through a custom hook since WooCommerce is a separate module.

Managing individual grids

The settings page (a lot of the sections still don't have options implemented yet).