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Wordpress alternatives?


I work on Wordpress platform online, so without uploading my internet site from local computer.
I know the plugin for WP is in development, but I would like to know if there is any alternative form or some alternative plugin that I can use to load the script into zip files (as you put it at your disposal when downloading it from your site) or if you can tell me well how Insert it into my site.
I use Tophost.


Thank you

Hi there,

It is possible to display the grid in a WordPress site because it just displays through an iframe. So if you can paste your iframe code into a page then it should work to display the grid. The stats box that shows how many pixels are sold also displays through an iframe. You could install MDS into a subfolder of your WP site or possibly a subdomain to prevent any conflicts and then you can link to the other pages like /users and whatnot from within a WP menu.

I have actually worked on integrating the existing version of MDS with WP for people but it requires modifying several files in MDS as well as a custom plugin for WP and that process usually takes me an hour or 2 to setup and get working properly. I therefore normally only offer this to people who have ordered the install service and also ordered hosting through my affiliate link since that will pay for my time. I also don't like to install it on a different host as that normally takes a lot longer if it's even possible at all and tends to waste a lot of time. Although I will also work for $40 CAD / hour and install it wherever you like or do whatever you want with it but I can't guess how long it'll take.

The process consists of installing MDS on a subdomain and WP on the main domain, modifying a number of MDS files, installing a custom WP plugin and adding shortcodes added by this plugin to pages of WP for the grid, users and ads list, and thank you pages for each payment module enabled in MDS and hooking it all up properly and making sure it works properly and fixing it if it doesn't.

It isn't necessarily perfect though since the MDS pages are then displayed through iframes within WP pages. Some pages might not display correctly but more recent versions seem like they might be a little better if I can manage to get them working properly with the theme installed in WP.

I thought about publishing a tutorial on it but I'm afraid to do that because I'm sure it would just cause a lot of extra support requests and I'd probably end up just doing it for people instead of wasting time trying to support them through it or them just being frustrated. So for now I'd prefer to just leave it as a special service offered to people who order the install service and hosting.

Best of luck, however you choose to do it!