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Website view issues


I Have a problem related to the Internet site that maybe I should solve with the provider operators, however the site was done with a script and so I wanted to ask also info to you:
Pretty much in the old provider the website was inside /home/mhd/dir_mywebsite_name/htdocs
Now the site is under
And this is creating me several problems in the sense that I no longer see the page.
I also changed the permits.
The first level assistance told me that they do not see the homepage, I explained to them that it is a script, with index.php and that there is no HTML index, etc., but I have suggested to open a ticket for higher level technicians.

If They don't wrap up, do I have to reboot the script? Or can I make an arrangement in the code, somewhere?

Thank you

Probably you have to move all the files to be just inside the htdocs folder rather than htdocs/dir_mywebsite_name/

Then you can edit the paths to match that location in your config.php

You can test by creating a file like test.html for example and putting it in the htdocs folder and then going to yourdomain/test.html and see if it shows up. If it does then that's where you should put all the files for the script including the index.php and config.php and all the folders.

No, I know what the problem is, I'm sorry.
I am explaining that the user data and database name and which goes to point the php file are different, so I changed the PHP file and now I do checks because it does not work yet.