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Wamp Install

I just installed the Million Dollar Script on WAMP. I put all the files in the WAMP64/WWW/MillionDollar/ directories and changed the directory updates capability listed in the readme.txt. When I go into my local WAMP server it lists the Million project as a project but when I click on it nothing happens, it just brings up the WAMPServer page again with the project name. What is the first script that is supposed to be executed when I click on that project name. Were there some other file updates such as in index.html, config.php or install.php I was supposed to make?

Hi there,First you have to go to /admin/install.php to install the database and whatnot. Then to login to the admin you would go to /install/index.php and to go to the main site you would go to /index.php.It uses MySQL and PHP so you would have to get those with your WAMP install but I haven't tested it on WAMP so I'm not sure how well it would work.Ryan