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W3C Compliance

Hi Ryan,I really don't mean to nitpick, but if you ever decide to make this script HTML5 compliant, most styling is done using either inline, internal, or external css, not deprecated HTML tag attributes, so code like 'border="0"' (on line 85, and 133 of users/edit.php) is deprecated, and not valid for W3C compliance. you would use at minimum 'style="border-style:none;"'Note: If you want to check W3C compliance of a webpage, from a link on that webpage, point the links href to: "http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer"If you want to check any webpage manually, visit: http://validator.w3.org and then enter the url of the page you want to check.The W3C validator tests the webpages code based on the DOCTYPE declaration at the top of the page (HTML4, HTML5, XHTML, etc..).Also, if you're at all somewhat of a perfectionist, as I, and like things well organized, it's best to put all images in a folder named 'images', all JavaScript in a folder named 'js', and all css in a folder named 'css'. That's how I have most of my own sites organized. It's much easier to track down the file you're looking for that way, keeps all files of a certain file type collected together, and it makes for a very clean, well organized site. But again, that is just my own preference. You may have something else in mind.I sincerely hope you can utilize these tips in both this script, and your upcoming WordPress plugin.Regards,-James A.

Guessing this went to spam due to the number of links in it.I understand W3C standards but the old script was far far from it when I got ahold of it. I've updated some of it but there is a great deal more to do. However, instead of continuing with that I am going to shift to the new version which I will attempt to make compliant with W3C standards from the start.I am definitely somewhat of a perfectionist =) I've just learned to not worry about things so much and deal with it as it comes. We can only do what we can do anyway.

lol, I agree Ryan.