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Updating Main Config


Hi,When updating the Main Config in the admin panel, when i click save changed, the screen shows updating config.. and stays on this screen, if i am to click onto another topic or link it shows an error in the config file. Any ideas what could be wrong here? I have tried starting again a few times but get the same issue.

Hi there,Are you able to copy the error and let me know what it is or take a screenshot? Are you using the development snapshot or the old version?Ryan

Hi Ryan,I will provide a screenshot in just a moment, could you confirm what the MySQL server name be at the /admin/install.php stage, i have used localhost previously, does that sound correct?

The first pic is the message i get after trying to save changes in the main config area of the admin panel. That message never updates it just stays as the updating config message. If i try to click elsewhere, the next pic is the error message i get.

This is using the Dev snapshot.

Hi Guys,Any ideas on how to rectify this?Matt

Hey,Sorry been busy with a new cloud server setup.It looks like maybe you entered a ' in something which isn't handled correctly. I will see if I can fix it up and update the dev github repo.RYan

Hi Ryan,Thanks for getting back to me. I understand you may be very busy, do you have any ideas of how long it will be until the issue may be rectified?Thanks Again,Matt

Sorry to waste your time guys, ive figured out the problem by searching through the config file.Thanks for your help though.


I know it's a little late, but don't you remember what the problem was?

Thank you