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Transparent PNG's

Hi. I have noticed that if someone uploads a png file with transparent background, the transparent part is filled in with the grid image. Which makes sense since we want to keep an even grid.But question is if there is a way to change the filler to something other than grid image?The reason i ask is beacuse I have blended my entire grid with a background image. And now when someone tries to post a transparent png, the ugly grid shows up.Hope you understood what I'm asking. And hope this thread is still being checked from time to time. Great work on the script and thank you for giving it away freely. Much appreciated!

Hello there,I understand what you mean and will fix it up for you.I recently rewrote some of the image stuff to use an imaging library called Imagine which may have caused that. Before the colours weren't looking quite right sometimes but now they seem ok. I will work on fixing that issue you're having.

Hello,I pushed some updates which hopefully fix that issue for you.If you have anymore issues please let me know and I'll fix them up for you.Good luck!

Actually there's a couple more things I found to fix still. But almost there.

Thank you, much appreciated!

You're welcome!I'm actually still working on it and have been pretty much this entire time. I did manage to figure it out and it did work on outputting the grid image. However since the grid is output in several different ways in different files with different code, some of those weren't working quite the same way so I decided to unify the function of outputting the grid into a single file. This should make it much easier once finished. Hopefully it will be done in the next few hours or so if all is well. I'll post here to let you know.

OK, I pushed another update that fixed a bunch of stuff. Transparency should work properly now as well as price zones and some other stuff.

Ryan,I'm personally not a fan of this change. I uploaded a png that had no transparency on it and it automatically changed white to transparent. How can I go about getting rid of this change?

Cancel that, I did output as JPEG 100% and it works as I want. Thank you.