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'tr" error.

Hi Ryan,Just letting you know line 91 in users/edit.php has a 'tr' error.It should be </tr><tr>, but you have </tr></tr>also I've created a pull request with cleaned up code to at least make an attempt at W3C compliance.Regards,-James A.

Yeah there is quite a bit of outdated and broken code. This is another good reason to rewrite everything from scratch which is what I'm currently doing with this new WP plugin.I can fix the tr but I'm not sure the rest of the stuff is necessary at the moment or not. If so I would probably hook it up to class names and put the styles in an external stylesheet but I'm not sure it's worth it at the moment to keep working on the old script. I should take less time trying to make all the old code better and probably should just spend more time making this new plugin I'm working on. πŸ˜‰

Hey, don't just give up Ryan. MDS is a decent script in its own right. Don't get me wrong. WordPress is a great CMS, but a plugin is still just a plugin. Also, it's more of a nightmare trying to get it to work with everybody's WP theme (like woo commerce challenges) than to continue making it it's own system/script.

Well I guess it's your script, and your choice... I ask one thing though...If you decide to give up on this script, please pass the development role/right on to another developer who can manage the project from hence forth. =-(

Even with all the bugs I've seen, I've never thought this script was beyond repair.

I'm not giving up on the script at all, I'm just updating it to be better. I likely will be able to use some of the code in some cases or at least some of the concepts but a lot of it has to be rewritten to be more efficient and easier to maintain and customize.I hopefully will be able to write a conversion script to convert the old one to the new one when it's ready.No worries =)

*Please check my other topic.So, if I understand you correctly, you're just going to rewrite this script as stand-alone (i.e. without requiring WordPress) to be more efficient, and then create an upgrade path for users of both the main (2.0.15), and dev snapshot. Am I correct?

No it's not going to be stand-alone, it's going to be a WordPress plugin.