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The Yellow Bit Road

I have to give a huge shout out to the creator of this project. I'm thrilled that he's a believer in the Brave browser too (I sent you some BAT btw!). I just put up my site, it's definitely not finished but it's functional and the bare bones are up there. Anybody have any recommendations on marketing or finding someone to clean things up?

The website is


Hi there,

Thank you very much!

I think if you put your link around and participate in communities and show it off it will eventually gain traction. As long as you don't actually spam people or annoy people then you should be alright. You could put it in your forum signatures on sites for example. You could also create a blog with interesting content that people want to read or create other things people want and then they will be more apt to link to your site and you can gain organic traffic that way. Or if you want you could probably advertise it on ad networks or banner or link exchanges or the like. I'm sure there's lots of other ways to get your link out there, you just have to spend the time on it and eventually it will build up. It's usually not a super fast process for new sites to gain traffic unless you can find a way to show your link to a whole lot of people and get them to click it.

As for cleaning things up, what do you have in mind? I charge $40 CAD/hour for custom development services. If you like there are also freelance sites all over the internet where you could find people to bid on your job for you and whatnot. There is also the possibility that what you want to do might not be so difficult and you might be able to do it yourself. I could help you figure that out if you let me know what you have in mind.

Best of luck!


Those are great suggestions, thank you! I'd like to inject an interesting background into my site. I was thinking about just grass on the side and maybe a moving sky in the header. It would have to be mobile friendly, though. I might be able to pull it off. Do you have any suggestions? I used Fiverr for my logo and am happy with the work.

Can you recommend any ad networks or link exchanges? Thank you for putting this together.