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The grid at the INDEX is not the same as in Admin

HelloI have a problem with images in index. There are on their correct place but I can't see them. You can see it here http://webhostingwebpage.com On the index.php I have 2 50x50 images, which aren't visible, but if you move your mouse along the table you'll see the floating menu with additional image and link. It's in the RIGHT LOWER cornerof the grid.What's the problem?

Hmm, thats odd. I wonder if they were transparent PNGs or something and the code probably could use an update processing them. Do you know what kind of images they were?

every picture is a ".jpeg" format, so there is no transaprency. I think it's something with the design of the site itself. what do you think?


Wel when I first went to your site before I could see the image in the bottom right and it seemed normal. But now I don't see anything so maybe you have removed the ads.If you mean that it's cutting them off, it displays the grid in an iframe so if you are sizing it too small then it could be cutting them off. If they are actually showing as transparent then maybe its something to do with the GD setup on there. Are you able to attach one of the original images you are uploading which causes this to happen so I can test it on another install?

Well it's not some special picture. I've tried any one, just googling it. Both .jpg and.png formats. Nothing's work. Yep, I've deleted the previous ones, so the grid is now clear. I've tried some 10-15 times and still the pictures are like behind of the grid.