System doesn't save ad text and link until after account verification

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    Using latest version / Dev snapshot. Everything is working fine, except when a new customer registers and places an order, the system doesn’t save the ad text and link. Then user verifies account and logs in, and only the image and space on grid are saved. No error messages occur when placing the order.

    The customer then has to re enter the link and ad text, before proceding to payment.

    Please help! I can’t understand why the form doesn’t save the info the first time round.


    Lee Adams

    Having the same problem – doesnt save the ad data the first time around – so user has to re-enter their info again in the Manage My Pixels screen..

    To test i had the use as a privalaged free ad if that makes any difference? I have also tested it with a paid listing and the same thing happens it appears blank until re-editted.. See enclosed image
    Big heart – first time – new pixel ad – second Small heart once re-edited. Hope this helps..

    Any help appreciated. Thanks 🙂



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    Lee Adams

    Using the development version as the github version isnt compatable with my serves MYSQL database.



    The version downloaded from this site is actually downloading from github but is downloading from the development branch. The main branch on github is a really old version of the script from before I took over development and does have issues with newer versions of MySQL.

    Sorry, for delayed responses, been very busy lately. Does it still happen with the development version? If so I will have to test this when I get some time and see if I can duplicate it and find a fix.



    I believe I am using V2.1, (which is the development version right?) And looking at Lee Adams messages he is also using the development version. Hope that helps, thanks for replying.

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