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Still can't receive confirmation emails and forgot password requests

Hi Ryan,
Sorry for posting on this section again but I'm still stucked trying to receive confirmation emails and forgot password requests... I managed to test the mail server on my mobile phone on port 25 and 8889 it seems to work but it doesn't when I fill the same information on the site Main Config.

I've got a reply from my host and this is what they said:

Dear Customer,

As we checked, your web server can connect to mail server to send mails properly, you can check below link to test it. (We create a sample PHP SMTP script in your site root path).


We would recommend you double check your site's SMTP script, make sure it can work fine with using SMTP authentication. Also, you can refer to the sample that we uploaded to design your own code.

Thank you.

Any guidance on how to resolve this issue of the SMTP script?


It's likely a matter of entering the correct settings. The script definitely works for sending mail through SMTP because I just tested it with both gmail and my hosts mail server and both worked ok but you have to use the right settings for your mail server because some mail servers are configured differently.

If you enable the email debug setting and create an order and try to get an email to send while debug is enabled that might help you in figuring out why it doesn't work. It should display what it's doing on the page when connecting to the mail server and tell you why it can't connect or what's going on.

You may not want to post that output on public forums because it may contain sensitive information you don't want people to see but if you read it through and it doesn't make sense to you and you want me to check it out you could send it through email if you like using the contact link above.

More information on the ports:


Hey Ryan,

I'm still stucked with the not beign able to receive confirmation email and forgot password requests... My developer found the issue, when trying to send emails with smtp the database doesn't fill... Any suggestion?




I'm sorry you're having so much trouble getting it to work properly.

You can try enabling error reporting by setting that option to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED

Then try to reproduce the issue and check your web server error logs. Those might be located in error_log files within directories or wherever your web server stores it's log files.