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SQL syntax error with writing the ad


I saw the forum about the person who has his site in Italian that this problem is happening to, but my site is in English and it is still happening to me too. Can you please help me fix this error? It is vital that my site is back to being operational ASAP.

Hi there,I think this happens with the old script (version 2.0.15) and a newer MySQL version. The old script I think worked ok with MySQL 5.1 though. I think I may have fixed that in the dev snapshot.

I don't recall ever updating to a new version of MySQL...does it happen automatically? Is there any way to reverse it? I have someone who helped me build the site working on scripting in the dev snapshot, but we'll see how that goes. Is there a walk-through or is he going to have to figure out which files to replace on his own?

Our computers do not have the tech to open a .tar or .gz file. Can you please upload the dev snapshot in a normal zip file? Or provide us with a different solution? If I recall, the dev snapshot didn't even end up working for the other person's Italian website...he had to end up resetting something.

Ryan! I really need your help! Please respond to my previous posts as soon as you can!

Your host may have updated it if you are renting a server. I don't know if that's the problem or not but it sounds like something changed if it worked and you didn't change anything and then it stopped working.You can use 7zip or various other applications to uncompress tar.gz files.

Thanks, Ryan. I got it opened with 7zip, but now what should I do to fix the problem? Which files are the affected ones that need fixed? The picture shows the error message again. It appears when I go to "Ad Form" on the admin page too. I don't know if that means anything. If this new script doesn't work, is there anything else we can do?


A lot of the MySQL queries have been updated in the dev version but there are probably still some left that have to be done. So many of the files were probably affected. You could try setting up a local test to see if it works for you or make a backup of your site files and database and upload all the files over the old ones and see if that fixes the error.

If I upload the new script and it works, will I lose all of the ads that are currently up there? and the data? Will I have to start over from the beginning or is there a way to save all that with the new script?

I suppose that is a possibility. I think I had planned to make it update any database changes when you log into the admin area but I haven't really tested yet so it could break it. So just be sure to back up your database properly first just in case. Or even better, try it on a copy test site.