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SQL Syntax error during the purchase confirmation

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I've sent to you the content of my lang folder now.

I've copied folder and files from the 2.1.r146 (Dev.Snap.) to my custom MillionDollarScript-2.0.15; but, when I copy the file MAIN.css, my example page looks disordered. And, another problem, I can't set English as default language; now I can work ONLY with Italian, or, in another words, when I set English, the script continue to "speak italian".No, to solve the syntax error I must update my MySQL version to 5.5.14.; I think this is the only way.

Well, [i]don't worry, be happy![/i] πŸ™‚ I've deleted all who I've created, with the Squalo database and Italian files translation. RESET AND RESTART.Now,I'm re-creating a new 200.000€ Page but in english and, obviously, with the last Dev. Snap.; I've configurated the payment method as PayPal and finally I've tested the pixel purchasing; surprise: the syntax error is disappeared!!!The script works completely and well!But, with the new Dev. Snap, the Example file is changed from the first version of the script (2.0.15). At the time, I've enabled the MAP and the pixel STATS, but now I need help to define the page with my elements, images and logo.The translation in italian can expect...Actual situation:

Hello,Excellent, I am glad you got it to work :)Yes, I have modified the main file a little bit so it's easier to customize. Sorry, I probably should have explained that better. I also updated the default look a bit. There is an index.php file instead of example.html by default and it contains some PHP code. You would have to modify this file rather than copy your old example.html file as the contents have changed some and I don't think it would work if you just copied your old file over top. Even the CSS is probably updated so you would have to merge your changes. However, it shouldn't really be that much work since there are minimal elements on the page in the first place. If you take a look at the index.php file you will see it includes the config.php and then echos some variables such as the logo url, site slogan, and you can put whatever other variables appear within config.php such as SITE_NAME or SITE_CONTACT_EMAIL for example. You might want to be careful about the email though due to spam bots. Those are probably all you would want to use from there.I can see in the image you linked that it looks like it's working. I can't really inspect the elements on the page to see where they are but if you have a link to your site I can try to help if you explain what you are trying to do exactly.Eventually I want to convert everything into a nice, neat framework so it will be much better to work with but this is a time consuming process. And each new version probably won't be 100% compatible with the last. But I will attempt to provide any upgrade instructions when I can, and help people who want to upgrade if they ask. I was hoping to have it done by now but this project has no funding and makes very little money and nobody donates and so it doesn't seem to be a priority so I just to do it on my absolute spare time. I have plenty of other projects on the go as well.I have considered using Joomla as a framework but then it went to Joomla 1.6 which wasn't very good. 1.7 has many bugs left in it. I have looked at some other frameworks and eventually just figured I would keep attempting to update this original code I was given but, no offense to the original author but I am sure they would admit, it is a bit messy and hard to update. So I have to completely rewrite a lot of things or start fresh and use a framework.

Yes! Now the page seems to be working, but in english; for me there are no problems to READ (I'm thinking at various italian customers... :whistle: ) english language, but to WRITE... I'm sure you can see it! :blush: In first, at the moment, my page is not online. I'm working offline, in localhost with XAMPP. So, unfortunately, I can't send to you any link.... at the moment. I hope I'm able to do it until the end of the year. πŸ™‚ Therefore, to dispose elements, logo, images and colors in my page, I am used to do it by the Example file with HTML; however I'm looking at the Index.Ryan, I'm sorry who your projects proceed slowly; I would like to make a donation. Your help is fundamental for the page who I'm creating.See you soon!

Well if you have the default language set and its all translated properly I believe it should work. It seemed to work in my testing anyway.You might also wish to change the html format to match however your language intends it to be.This appears near the top of the index.php file. As you can see it has en-US which you may want to change. [code][/code]Perhaps this bit could be replaced with a call to get_doc function which you also may want to change which has a similar thing. This is located in /includes/functions2.php in the get_doc function at the top.So it would look like this:[code]include_once ("config.php");echo $f2->get_doc(); ?>[/code]And maybe I could make the code within the functions2.php file properly use the language code entered into the language tool automatically so no editing of the code is necessary at all. Much work to do.Also, within /users/header.php and /users/footer.php is what the users will see when visiting the /users area if you want to customize that.

Okay Ryan, thanks for the instructions; I'm thinking to leave the english language as default, not a new translation in italian... I'll think about this decision soon.Thanks again.A question: I need to fix in the center of the page, above the map, the Home, Buy Pixels (Acquista blocchi), and FAQ (Le ragioni di questo sito) buttons; I've tried to modify the example file with the old tag , but nothing happens:[code]

Home | Acquista Blocchi | Le ragioni di questo sito


The menu is not using the same format. It is using an unordered list format. You are trying to put the old code in the new template and so you are bound to run into problems with the CSS.Naturally, if you intend to modify HTML you should learn HTML first or you will have a whole lot of problems on your site.The new code with your menu would be this:[code]

[/code]In the future there will be a menu editor of some sort, depending on the framework it eventually goes into.

So, I can modify ONLY the Index.php file omitting the Example or vice versa?

Well I suppose you could use either but PHP allows you to use your config variables in the file and include other code dynamically and whatnot.

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