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SQL Syntax error during the purchase confirmation

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Hello;for the translation into italian language, in first I've created a copy of the "english.php" file and "english_default.php" and renamed "italian.php" and "italian_default.php". So, I've done a complete translation of ALL the words, phrases and script instructions from english to italian language with the TRANSLATION TOOL in the Admin Area. It was a very long work...Ok Ryan, I'll try the new Dev. Snap.!Thanks

No... there's the same error again:You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AS ID, t2.field_comment AS FCOMMENT FROM form_fields AS t1, form_field_translati' at line 1What we can do?

Hi there,I don't have time right now to check this out but if you email me your translation files and your mysql database to [email protected] I can test it out on my install and see if I can duplicate it and provide a fix when I get some time. I have to come up with $50 to pay for this server or it's going down.Ryan

Hello Ryan,I've sended the two translation files to you:-italian.php-italian_default.phpunfortunately I don't know how I can send my database to you. I'm working in localhost.Thanks

Hello Ryan, news?-Regards

Hello,Sorry but I can't reproduce the problem with the database and files you sent.Also, the files you sent don't appear to be translated and still seem English to me. I also don't see the proper translations in the database either.When doing a translation it says to copy english_default.php to italian.php and then edit it using the translation tool which sounds like you have done.So I am not exactly sure what's going on because I see no translations and I get no errors when I try to order. But I am using MySQL 5.5.14.Perhaps you still have your language set to use the english.php file so can you please send all of your lang folder?Thank you!Ryan

I think I know what the problem is. I will update the dev snapshot with a fix and let you know when I do.

It appears that you probably haven't properly updated from the dev snapshot because this seems to already be fixed there.

Hello,Yes! I've followed exactly this passage and I can see the script translated in italian.I want to update my MySQL to the 5.5.14....I'll try again the Dev.Snap.

Hmm, well I don't see the script in italian so maybe you sent the wrong files and database or something. I don't know.But it worked fine for me with the files and database you did send with the code from the dev snapshot, eventhough they were not italian translations. I never tried the old code. I could see there is an italian language added but none of the things were italian anywhere in the files you sent.

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