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Split: please contact to me

Hi, I have an idea for a art based pixel script website but I do not have much experience with website building & script installation so would like to take advantage of your script installation service. I have a godaddy account but I am thinking of getting a hosting package from the company you recommend (FastComet). I have not opened a hosting plan with them yet but will be doing so shortly. As I have mentioned I do not have much experience when it comes to website installation & scripts. I see from your script installation service page you ask for control panel login URL,control panel username, control panel password, Domain name, you also ask for install path which I have no idea of what that is (if you could explain i'd appreciate it). Once I have my hosting package with FastComet I will be able to send all the information you require, the only thing I do not know about would be the install path. Once payment is made for your installation service when could I expect the pixel site to be placed on my domain. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.Regards Alan W


Sorry for the delayed response. I didn't get an email about your post and only just saw it when I visited the site to check on things, possibly because you replied to an old topic or probably more likely the forum software's fault since it seems to do that now and then. You should still create new topics when posting on forums though rather than responding to someone's old topic so I've split it to it's own topic. If anyone else is getting notifications to this please feel free to click Unsubscribe at the top of the thread. I've fixed this a bunch of times already. I think I may have to replace the forum with something new (I did that now and I like this new one much better).

Anyway, I definitely don't recommend Godaddy for anything. In fact I usually refuse to work on sites for clients hosted there because it's so horrible. Such a waste of time and their support has always been clueless. I'm not sure if it's gotten any better in more recent times since I still refuse to work with it. FastComet is amazing and why I recommend it. Feel free to use my affiliate link =)

The install path is basically where you want MDS installed at. For example if you are planning to have WordPress on your main domain and MDS installed in a subfolder or somewhere then it could be at /pixels or /mds or whatever you want. Or it could possibly even be on a subdomain. But if you just want it to come up when you visit your domain it can just be / for your root directory.

Running your site through WordPress is a nice idea too because you can then have a blog and customize the look of your site easier. I have created a method to do this but it usually takes an extra couple hours to install which I normally charge extra for. I'm working on a new version for MDS 3.0 which will be a WordPress plugin but it's not done yet but still coming along nicely.

I usually will install it within 24 hours if I'm at home. Sometimes I don't work on weekends or not home on weekends but usually I'm around during the week and will install it fairly quickly. Feel free to message me on Discord for a more prompt response since this forum might not send notifications: ryvix#1807