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    Hello friends,

    my website is

    i have some problems with pixel grid i cant move it to the centre of the webpage how can i fix it ?

    and i want to change the color of pixel counter i dont know how to call it .. i couldnt find the code path for change that color

    i need help thanks.



    You are using the old version which had files all over you had to edit to modify things. The development snapshot contains all the changes I have made to the script since I took over development of it. It includes a centered grid by default and a lot of bug fixes. You may wish to start fresh with it and see if it’s any easier. You can edit the header and footers for it in the html folder.

    If you prefer to continue using the current version then there are instructions some place on this site already on how to center the grid.



    thank you i’ll continue to use older one . is it possible to change the color of the counter with older version ? i tried change it with main.css but it didnt work



    i solved this problem but now i have another one .. my pixel grid doesnt have borders you can check it i need your help again Ryan..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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