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Simple User ~ Message only ; ` No Image / No URL

Hi Ryan,Another use of MDS, would be tojust sell message space.Users would purchase message blocks overa background image."MDS" adjustments to consider - ~ Standardize/"static" 'block' size (i.e. 25px x 25px)~ Blocks are fixed, location(s)are pre set~ No User registration (I see this can be done)~ No Image upload required (worse case use a transparent/standardize .png)~ No URL input requiredCan this be accomplished?Are there area's (Admin rights and/or Script edits) to address this objective?Way Cool if possible.....Looking forward to your comments / suggestions.ThanksDale

Hi, sorry I guess I didn't get an email about this post for some reason and just saw it now.Anyway, you can edit the fields but I think you would have to edit some of the php code to make it bypass uploading an image and url probably. I think someone was trying to do that before for some reason.To edit the fields go to Configuration > Ad Form.

Thanks Ryan,We'll give it a go.Dale

I keep having people ask for this so for future reference here is the instructions in this thread on how to remove the URL:https://milliondollarscript.com/forum/10-modifications/142-remove-links