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separated pixels distrub the grid when uploading a

I have an active Grid on Sale and since the blocks ate lotery-tickets, some users choose to buy loose, separated blocks on a single order. When loading the advert the separated blocks virtuallu appear as a very large square and uploading an image disturbs all enlcosed blocks in the surrounding! Hence, the loose their grid-image like it is overwritten. The blocks self are still their.Either the program should not allow to buy separated individual blocks on a single order. All blocks per order should be adjacent. Or the program should convert multiple blocks clicked and ordered on a single order as individual Advert items ( like they appear on Manage my pixels as individual Adverts that can be managed separately.)I do not know what is the simplest to program. Option two is most customer friendly and less de-stimulating ordering multiple blcoks.Hope you can fix this and provide a bug-fix ( php-script page) or update with instructions on how to install this on a LIVE Grid Database without jeopardizing the existing DATA/Sales.regards, and love the program ! Gijs VlasNetherlands - http://www.alieenjans.nl

Thanks for the report. I am not sure I am understanding you correctly because I cannot reproduce this problem.Are saying users are able to order multiple blocks that are overwriting existing blocks? Can you explain step by step how to reproduce the problem?Thanks!Ryan

Normally any person would only buy pixel-blocks that are adjacent - i.e. linked or connected to eachother.However when somebody buys individual pixelblocks that are far away - example four 10x10 blocks that are scattered across the grid - Then you get problems when uploading your image. The ad believes all enclosed blocks to be part and existing ads from others that are enclosed get disturbed when this new advertiser loads 1 image to multiple loose/unconnected blocks.The application should only allow orders for blocks that are connected! Loose, scattered blocks cause poblems.Just try this on a grid - put two blocks far apart! Any existing ad with an image in between will get disturbed.Hope you see what I mean.Gijs

Hi there,Hmm, well I have tried without logging in and when logged into a user. I go to Order Pixels, Upload an image of any size, I have tried various sizes, even one block. Then I place it on the grid some place, confirm and pay. I go into the admin and tell it to complete the order and process pixels. It looks fine to me.I order another one, it looks fine as well. I have ordered several and they all look fine no matter where I place them. I can't place them on another used red square because it gives some odd popup message saying I can't place it there. But no matter what they always look fine to me.How do you add your pixels? And what do you mean by distrubed? I don't even know how its possible to buy loose separated blocks on a single order.Could you please explain step by step how you are ordering and add a screenshot of what you mean by distrubed? I can't reproduce the problem.Ryan