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Selecting Pixels from home screen/index page

I just installed all of the files and it seems like everything is fine except a couple issues... 1) When i visit the "example" page in IE or other browsers, the pixels aren't "clickable" - should they be? The way it is now only allows me to upload an image after the fact and many times the pictures are large. I want people to be able to select the pixels first, then upload and pay so the image resizes - is that possible?2) If I do go in and upload the picture first, the screen says that available pixels should be in red, however they aren't.. does that mean something is wrong? It also doesn't allow me the option of "writing an ad".Please help, and thank you.

Hi, sorry for the slow response.1. Yes, if you have added a link to your order it should be clickable. Blocks won't be clickable until an order is made and the image will be clickable for that orders pixels and should link to the link submitted with that order.2. Did you change the Pixel Selection Method in the Main Config? I believe if you have uploaded your image for the order and everything is there it should be good to go. Red blocks on the first screen are either the unavailable blocks, or on the Manage My Pixels screen they are blocks you could upload to if you haven't put enough pixels up there yet. This should be possible to do in the AJAX Pixel Selection Method. However there were bug reports of that method.