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Security Concern

Great Script! However I just have a concern. I have had a really, really, bad experience of being hacked once. I am looking for a Million Dollar Home Page Script and found you. Of course anytime I have anything to do with a script, I tense up.But that is simply from my experience with a different script.Anyway because I am thorough on my searches, I noticed on several websites people were saying this script has a security issue. Here is a link to one such page.http://exploitsdownload.com/search/Dork%20google%20hack/16They say that this is "hack able"I am attaching a picture of what people claim it is. Has this been fixed?Again, I LOVE the script, but I would really like to know if I should look elsewhere or give this one a go.I would appreciate a response. I know you are a busy guy, and you clearly have done a great job with this. I would love to hear your thoughts.Marc


Hello,I am pretty sure 2.0.14 didn't even have an index.php file (I wasn't the author at that time but I know 2.0.15 doesn't) so that is likely some other software they had installed there or some custom script.Also, I cannot reproduce it in the dev snapshot.However I wouldn't be surprised if there were some security issues fixed in the dev snapshot or even if there are some left to be fixed. I haven't released it from dev because I still want to go over it all and specifically check for security issues and fix the remaining bugs I can find.

Hey Ryan,Hope your well.I spent a lot of time going through the entire Forum. I have to tell you I am pretty impressed with how you have handled every single question that anyone has thrown at you. The responses are Professional, informative, sometimes swift and always simple and helpful. Not to mention the super quick response time.I'm looking forward to getting into this one tonight. I’ll shoot you over a link when it’s done. Marc

Thanks =)