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Regarding Few Issues

I have few issue, which i'm not sure whether there is any setting to change1. How to make image resize according to the box selected automatically ?2. How to modify the meta description. keyword manually?3. Grid cannot be seen after choosing a back ground image which has 50% opacity?Hope to hear from you

5, is it possible to choose the grid then insert the image?

6. I cant see the grid when i put a pictureal though the opacity is adjust

1. There's an option to do this which should be enabled by default in the Main config: "Resize uploaded pixels automatically?". Is it not working properly or are you referring to something else? This is when users upload an image.2. You can edit the Site Slogan in the Main Config to change your description. You can edit the /html/header.php file if you really want to add keywords meta but I believe they aren't used by most search engines these days.3. Possibly you have to switch the grid to use PNG in the Main Config change the "Output Grid Image(s) As" option and save your background image as a PNG.4/5. Yes I believe it is.6. I'm not sure what you mean, can you post a screenshot?

Thanks for your prompt reply1. I notice, that i have to choose the image 1st not the box. because most of the image that I choose are big and need to resize, is there any other way to choose the box 1st and then the image?2. Keywords, meta descriptions and title are still use, that is critical for any website, SEO3. I have did the changes you mention PNG but I still cant see the grids, attach is the screenshot4. I cant choose the pixel boxes, when i click the order in the user account...it is always asking to choose image 1st, any solutions

The screenshot mention number 3

1. I think you would have to recode a bunch of things to do that but I will see if I can keep that in mind for the next version. I've been working on making a WordPress plugin for this which is going to mostly be a total rewrite so I should be able to incorporate that in if I can remember to.2. While description and title are still used keywords meta tags are not even looked at by many search engines anymore, including Google. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/798123. OK I will test this out and see what I can figure out.4. I was thinking you were referring to actually selecting a grid since you can have multiple grids. But now it sounds like this is the same thing as #1. I haven't been adding new features to the 2.1 version lately and have been concentrating more on bug fixes for it and the new WordPress plugin which isn't yet available.

Thanks Ryan, Appreciate your patience in calmly replying to all the points.I'm clear with all the points but 3. Which part of the Google answer, you are referring hat Tag are not important