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I'm glad to see progress is being made on your wordpress version! I hope it is a great success. I would like to use the new script and would be happy to donate some coin if you post your bitcoin address. I second integrating bitcoin into the site. Do you have an eta for new version?

Hi there,Sorry, your post got flagged as spam.The WordPress version isn't ready yet and there isn't really an ETA but I am hoping by the end of the year to have something ready if things go well.I have already tried integrating BitPay into the development snapshot (which isn't the WordPress version yet) but I haven't tested it.I haven't really used bitcoin much myself but I would gladly accept donations with it. I've created an address. 1JjzSGUK21a7dweGEoByEHpwDsPtEN7hpLThank you!Ryan