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Problem with Write Your Add -->

First of all thanks for the good script.I've installed everything proberly according to the README.txt. When i test my [url=http://buy-a-pixel.com]site[/url], I Order Pixels and go to the upload your pixel site. No problem in that. I upload my picture and place it and when i push the Write your add --> button... I get a message:[b]No new orders in progress[/b]You do not have have any new orders in progress. Please go here to select your pixels.I should have got to next step and can't figure out what the problem is πŸ™ can you help ???


Hello,What version of the script are you using? If you aren't using the development snapshot please give it a go instead and see if it works better.Ryan

I use the 2.0.15 version. When i download the dev. version i get one zip file with no subfolder's. How do i sort that out ?

It's not a zip its a tar.gz. You could use 7zip I think, if they still have that for windows.

Okey, i've reinstalled the hole site, and really like the better looks, but again when my testuser tries to order pixel and pushes the "Write your add ->>" button. I just get the same page "No order in progress" and the page is:www.buy-a-pixel.com/users/write_ad.phpAny ideas ???

I figured it out by disable the "Use MySQL 'LOCK TABLES' feature"Don't know if it's brings any danger to the site but now it works πŸ™‚