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Pixel Weird Issue

Hi Ryan,I wanted to test the system,so i install it using the WAMP (MYSQL, PHP)I'm done installing but when i enter the main page, ive attach the image below and I cant set my logo too.Error:The file: C:/wamp/www/pixelads/pixels/main1.gif doesn't exist.Please process your pixels from the Admin section (Look under 'Pixel Admin')Hope to hear from you, Thank you

Hi there,You must run the process pixels task in order for it to create the initial grids.

how can i do it?

You have to login at /adminThe default password is: okYou should change it under the Main Config which is an option on the side menu after logging in.Process Pixels which is another option on the menu.Also be sure to install, enable and config a payment module under Payment Modules.Good luck!

Thanks Ryan, its working fine