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Pixel Change Email Not Sending

I've triple checked the main config. and I do have YES selected for being notified if someone changes their pixels, however,when tested,this is not sending an email when pixels are modified (ie...choosing a new graphic or changing the description). It's not showing in the outgoing email section either. Thanks!

Hello,I think I fixed something to do with emails but I don't know if this was one of the things affected or not. So I will take a look at this and see if I already fixed it but it may not be because I noticed this option isn't even set to anything by default in my dev version.I will make it set to Yes by default and make sure it works.Ryan

Ok, I believe I have fixed this.I moved some code within /users/publish.php.Search for this code:[code]// send pixel change notificationif (EMAIL_ADMIN_PUBLISH_NOTIFY=='YES') {send_published_pixels_notification($_SESSION['MDS_ID'], $BID);}[/code]Move it from there down to just below this code:[code]if (AUTO_PUBLISH=='Y') {process_image($BID);publish_image($BID);process_map($BID);//echo 'published.';}[/code]Please let me know if this works for you :)Thanks!Ryan

Yes it worked perfectly. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your precious time. I appreciate it greatly.

Excellent, thanks for reporting back =)