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Payza Support

Hi Ryan,I hope I'm not asking too many questions, but I have quite a bit of interest in this script. I was wondering if you could help me create a Payza payment plugin for MDS. I am willing to put in the hours if you just give me some guidance on how to do it. I am a Certified Web Developer, so I think I can contribute positively with other parts of the script such as organization (for example: organize images, js, and css in their appropriate folders, instead of scattered about in the root directory with php pages), using better images (like those found on Icon Finder or FindIcons ), and with adding security, such as Duo on the admin panel, which I've already implemented on my site. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks-James

Hi there,You can ask as many questions as you like =)When I've been making or updating payment plugins I usually copy another one such as PayPal and modify it to work with the API in the docs of the new payment provider, in this case Payza. These files are located in the payment folder.I am actually in the process of rewriting the script as a WordPress plugin but if you have any contributions feel free to make a pull request on github. There is a dev branch where all the changes I've made since I took over the script have been going. I originally didn't use github so the first commits contain a lot of changes.I'm not sure what Duo is but I have added HTMLPurifier which will become obsolete in the WP version which will pretty much be a complete rewrite.